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Air Conditioner not running right? Has your power bill been going up lately and wondering why? It may be that your air conditioner is not performing at its best.

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Remember that feeling when you first had it installed and the air was clean and bright? Get back to those days just by peforming some regular maintenance.

Split System Air Conditioners run more efficiently and save owners power on their power bill when they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Removing mould and dust and spraying with an anti-mould agent is important in ensuring the quality of the air being circulated through your office or home. You want the best for your family and staff and this simple, affordable cleaning service will give you that peace of mind.

What is Your Brand of Air Conditioner? We clean all the brands available on the Sunshine Coast.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

Why our Airconditioning cleaning process is better…

Compare our services and pricing to others on the coast and be pleasantly surprised.

For effective cleaning we perform the following steps for every clean:

  • Vacuum all dust from units

  • Fit collection bag to unit and pressure wash unit for thorough cleaning of all surface from left to right

  • Remove all waste from the premises

  • Spray with Tea Tree oil as an effective cleaning and anti mould agent and helps to deter future mould growth

  • Also Spray with Rothenberg Sani Fresh as an anti bacterial and deodorizing agent at least once a year

  • Take temperature readings with digital device before and after cleaning

Affordable Pricing

Get better value for money through RC Airconditioning.

3 Split Systems

Get 3 systems cleaned in the same office or home for discounted price

About Robert

A background in Air Conditioning that makes all the difference…

Robert  has been working as a Professional Airconditioning installer and Maintenance Engineer since 2005.

His vast experience in the installation of single split and multi-split air conditioning units in houses and units has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the maintenance of all the major airconditioning brands. This includes:  Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, Airwell, Midea, Kelvinator, Samsung and Haier.

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Robert Collin